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Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
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Accessory pathways and SVT

Joint Event on 3rd International Conference on Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiac Surgery & 26th Annual Conference on Clinical & Medical Case Reports in Cardiology

July 05-06, 2018 | Berlin, Germany

Komandoor Srivathsan

Mayo Clinic, USA

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Abstract :

Accessory pathways of heart can cause symptomatic supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) that can be disabling at times. Most accessory pathways can be ablated without much difficulty with careful mapping. However, the location of some of the pathways can be challenging both for efficacious ablation and safely avoiding the normal conduction system. In particular, septal accessory pathways have to be mapped very carefully and ablated cautiously due to proximity of the conduction system. Similarly, accessory pathway ablation within structures of the coronary sinus has to be approached cautiously due to close proximity of the coronary arteries. Right free wall accessory pathways give a spatial challenge of significant annular excursion. Cryoablation is an alternative to radiofrequency ablation in challenging location. The complexity but curative nature of these ablations will be outlined in this lecture.