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A universal, ultra-high affi nity chromatography for a one-step, high-throughput purifi cation of complex proteins

2nd International Conference on Genetic & Protein Engineering

November 14-16, 2016 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dmitry G Vassylyev

University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Keynote: J Proteomics Bioinform

Abstract :

Protein puri cation is an essential, primary step in numerous biological studies, including a rapidly emerging proteomics  eld, its structural counterpart and drug screening. Moreover, puri cation with high yield, purity and activity (HHHpuri  cation) is compulsory for high-resolution structural analysis and industrial protein production. Apparently, a universal, one-step high-throughput approach for HHH-puri cation is a key, yet unachievable, factor of success for all these crucial studies/applications. We designed and implemented an original chromatographic technology based on the physiological, ultrahigh a nity (Kd~10-14-10-17 M) small (~10/16kDa) protein/protein complex, which allows for a one-step HHH-puri cation of the traditionally challenging (eukaryotic, membrane, multi-subunit, DNA/RNA-binding, toxic) proteins.  e developed system is practically inde nitely reusable, suitable for industrial-scale manufacturing, has high capacity (up to 20mg tagged protein per ml beads) and e ciently operates under nearly identical (target-independent) basic conditions. Altogether, it provides major advantages over the existing commercial analogs and may form a solid high-throughput platform for both, puri cation and associated â�?�?a nityâ�? techniques (pull-down, kinetic activity/binding assays, etc.) of protein characterization.

Biography :

Dmitry G Vassylyev has completed his PhD from Institute of Molecular Biology Acad. Sci. USSR (Moscow) and Postdoctoral studies from Bioengineering Research Institute (Osaka, Japan). From 2005, he is the Full Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is an expert in protein crystallography and has published 84 papers in the top level scientifi c journals.