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A new technic for patient safety: A (aortic) mode TEE

8th Global Cardiologists & Echocardiography Annual Meeting

July 18-20, 2016 Berlin, Germany

Baris Cankaya

Marmara University Hospital, Turkey

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Clin Exp Cardiolog

Abstract :

Transesophageal echocardiography has a wide use in perioperative period. Heart chambers, valves, vessels, fluid management are all in view of TEE. But, limitations are appearing with experience progressing. A novel limitation is invisibility of the aortic arch. Undiagnosed atherosclerosis originating from ascending aorta is a major problem causing neurologic complications during cardiac surgery. Visualizing thoracic aorta is also important for transaortic heart valve implantation. TEE's lacking sensitivity for atherosclerosis in distal aortic arch is corrected with a view TEE. This technic is based on overcoming the air in trachea. Usage of A view TEE before sternotomy gives an advantage against epiaortic ultrasound. TEE allows continious monitoring and does not interfere with surgical site. This allows a complete visualization of distal aortic arch, thoracic aorta and origins of the cerebral arteries. Epiaortic ultrasound has the advantage of a high frequency probe on it for further analyzing the atherom plaque. Isala safety check and Katz classification helped for perioperative management, and mortality has reduced significantly. Preoxygenation and experience are important because of the time limitation. This procedure will help surgical team to review treatment plan. Adjustments of cannulation, distal arch cannulation, and intermittent ventricular fibrillating method and off pump surgery are the changes according to visualization. Further experience with a view TEE will help more for neurologic outcome in near future.

Biography :

Baris Cankaya has completed his graduation from Ankara University Medical Faculty in 2000. He is working as Anesthesiology Specialist at Marmara University Training Hospital. He has attended several academic meetings nationally and internationally. His academic interests include microcirculation, fluid therapy, resuscitation, patient safety and perioperative analgesia. He has participated in various international workshops, congress/symposiums and certifications and to list a few: EPLS provider Berlin 2015; NLS provider Athens 2015; MECOR Level I October 2014; ECMO workshop 2015, Leicester; Airway workshop ICISA 2014, Tel Aviv; Innovations Workshop ICISA 2014, Tel Aviv; Gastro 2016, Birmingham: oral presentation: Sedation for pediatric patient with end stage hepatic disease outside operating room; International intensive care symposium �?°stanbul 2015 and so on.