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Textile Research Journal

Regarding the industry's demands, today's information technology has widened the base of education in such a way that interdisciplinary education has become a critical necessity. This means that highly specific education programs are likely to give way to more interdisciplinary education programs and joint degrees. A textile engineering program in chemical processing may be attractive to some students who have made up their minds to work in the wet-processing segment of the textile industry, but it will not be as attractive for students who wish to become chemical engineers with ample opportunities to work in a wider range of industries. Similarly, a textile engineering program in product engineering, despite its absolute necessity in the textile industry, will not attract students who wish to become material or mechanical engineers with much wider career opportunities. These critical issues need to be addressed in the schools of textiles around the world; a discussion that may very well result in changing undergraduate textile engineering programs to joint programs with other engineering disciplines.. 

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