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The purpose of antibiotic prophylaxis in surgical procedures is not to sterilize tissues but to reduce the colonization pressure of microorganisms introduced at the time of operation to a level that the patientÂ’s immune system is able to overcome. Prophylaxis does not prevent infection caused by postoperative contamination Surgery in gynecology oncology includes radical extensive abdominal and pelvic procedures with risk of postoperative infection. An important aspect in gynecology oncology and in surgery in general is to reduce the rate of surgical site infections (SSIs) which occur for 40 % of all noso comial infections in surgical patients and occur in up to 20 % of patients undergoing abdominal surgery; there is a twofold increase in mortality in surgical patients with SSIs. It is widely accepted that preoperative that factors which increase preoperative infection rate in women undergoing radical pelvic surgery are associated with elongation of duration of surgery, patientÂ’s performance status, anemia, nutritional status, history of post surgical infections, metabolic diseases, presence of malignancy, post irradiation and post chemotherapy status, obesity etc OMICS Journals refers to the Journals of OMICS Online Publishing Group are engaged in the publishing articles related to the field of genomics, proteomics, glycomics, lipidomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and ergonomics. The aim of the OMICS Journal focuses on specific research discipline, contributing resourceful and impactful platform to embrace the developments in research with technology. OMICS International has been successful in making its spot in scientific community with 700+ peer-reviewed journals with the support of 50,000+ editorial board members, publishing more than 13000 articles in a year which are accessible to more than 100000 scholars worldwide through World Wide Web. It is also a leading scientific event organizer, organizes over 3000+ International Scientific Conferences all over the world annually with the support from 1000+ Scientific associations. Panagiotis Peitsidis: Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Gynecology, Oncology and Surgical Procedures a Brief up-to Date  

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