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Advances in Rare Diseases

Advances in Rare Diseases
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Prognostic Factor Open Access Articles

Prognostic aspect (prog-NOS-tik FAK-ter) A state of affairs or situation, or a feature of a patient, that may be used to estimate the risk of restoration from an ailment or the hazard of the disease habitual. A situation or condition, or a characteristic of a patient, that may be used to estimate the hazard of healing from a disease or the risk of the disease routine. Thorough and systematic appraisal of the prevailing evidence has become mainstream in medical research and practice [1, 2]. Over the past few decades, meta-analysis has been suggests because the de facto statistical procedure for summarizing the results from a scientific review and appraisal of existing data on a particular topic. In meta-analysis, estimates of interest (e.g., for a selected treatment effect [3] or diagnostic test-outcome association) are obtained from individual studies then combined into a weighted average. Such quantitative data synthesis potentially increases statistical power to detect genuine associations or effects, to research sources of variation within and across studies, and to answer questions that weren't posed by individual studies.