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Peer-reviewed Journals In Earthquake Engineering

International Journal of Advance Innovations, Thoughts and Ideas is one of the renowned peer-reviewed journals in Earthquake engineering. The journal is using Editorial Manager System for quality in peer review process. IJAITI’s Editorial and Review team ensures the quality and rapid editorial, review processing with publishing time of just 21 days from the day of submission of manuscript. Earthquake engineering is the scientific field concerned with protecting society, the natural and the man-made environment from earthquakes by limiting the seismic risk to socio-economically acceptable levels. The primary definition of Earthquake Engineering is to plan to minimize material and spiritual losses caused by earthquakes that pose natural geological risks in community development. It conducts studies parallel with Construction and Geophysical engineering. It is defined as a sub-branch of structural engineering but has, over time, separated from structural engineering to define its own area of expertise. The main objectives of earthquake engineering are to foresee the potential consequences of strong earthquakes on urban areas and civil infrastructure and to design construct and maintain structures to perform at earthquake exposure up to the expectations and in compliance with building codes. International Journal of Advance Innovations, Thoughts and Ideas is published by OMICS Group. OMICS Group through its Open Access Initiative is committed to make genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community. OMICS Group hosts over 700+ peer-reviewed journals and has organized over 3000+ International Scientific Conferences all over the world. OMICS International journals have over 15 million readers and the fame and success of the same can be attributed to the strong editorial board which contains over 50,000+ editorial board members and the rapid, quality and quick review processing. "

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