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Microbial Biochemical Peer Review Journals

Microbial biochemistry comprises of biochemical reactions in microbial growth, various modes and mechanisms/ processes of pathogenesis required in causing infection/ diseases in the host. ... Biochemical study of microbes is crucial in the processes of their action.

Biochemical test of bacteria. 2. (Sugar Fermentation Test) Aim: To determine the ability of microbes to ferment carbohydrates with the production of an acid and/or gas. Principle: Sugars are metabolized through different metabolic pathways depending on typesof microbial species and aerobic or anaerobic environment .identify the four main types of biochemical reactions (oxidation-reduction, hydrolysis, condensation, and neutralization).Biochemical Activities of Bacteria: In many distinct areas of microbiology, the ability to identify microorganisms has important application. For example, in food microbiology it is important to be able to accurately identify food spoilage contaminants.

It tests an organism's ability to ferment the sugar glucose as well as its ability to convert the end product of glycolysis, pyruvic acid into gaseous byproducts. This is a test commonly used when trying to identify Gram-negative enteric bacteria, all of which are glucose fermenters but only some of which produce gas.