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Homology Modeling Review Journals

obtaining a three-dimensional protein structure is one of the central tasks of structural biology. Structure prediction by homology modeling (HM) can help in understanding the 3D structure of a given protein. This subject will help in elucidating the mechanisms of protein function, since function is determined by 3D structure. vs Bahman Panahi, Homology Modeling and Structural Analysis of NHX Antiporter of Leptochloa fusca (L.). Drug Designing Open Access review journal dedicated to producing analysis, insight and data relating to questions of importance in understanding the drug designing. Drug Designing Open Access uses from OMICS Group are an open access review journal named as Drug Designing Open Access which strives to release issues quarterly and is adamant to publish new findings related to the field of drug designing. Modern diffraction and NMR methodologies allow acquiring structures of quality that varies from average to high. However, experimental approaches are not quick and cheap, and even though the number of experimentally obtained structures is constantly increasing, they are limited. The lack of experimental structures is especially true for membrane proteins, for which crystallization is challenging.

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