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Geoengineering is proactive intervention in global climate processes (Grolle, 2013). It proposes faster, more efficient technological solutions to global warming than simply removing greenhouse gases. The assumption is that, by counteracting humans’ prior effects on climate and returning the Earth to a previous balanced environment, sea levels and terrestrial regions will be restored to “normal.” Then, we can continue to enjoy our current lifestyle without much behavioral change on our part (Klein, 2012). Some geoengineering strategies are estimated to cost up to a thousand times less than repairing climate damage over the next 35 years (Barrett, 2008; Grolle, 2013). The cost to reduce emissions may slowly go down, but the cost may be eliminated by using geoengineering. Furthermore, geoengineering allows one country to act alone, whereas mitigation requires international cooperation.

"Geoengineering also mentioned as engineering geology, geological engineering, or geotechnical engineering is that the science which deals with the event, discovery, production & use of subsurface earth resources. Basically it's the synthetic modification of Earth’s climate systems through two primary ideologies CDR & SRM CDR refers to CO2 Removal & SRM is mentioned as Solar Radiation Management. Solar Radiation Management (SRM) controls the rays of the sun before it reaches the earth .Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and sequestration like ocean fertilization & artificial trees etc. Geoengineers are the scientists that employment within the areas of infrastructure which incorporates isolation of hazardous waste, drilling for exploration and production of water, oil, or gas; mining, including surface and subsurface excavations etc..

Geoengineering innovations are published in OMICS Group open access journals named as Journal of Geology & Geosciences, the journal publishes recent trends and developments in various disciplines such as engineering geology, geotechnical earthquake, geotechnical engineering (soils and rocks) and environmental geotechnics. All geoengineering innovations are described in an open access geoengineering journals to facilitate the exchange of information between researchers around the globe. It is freely accessible to one and all without any restrictions. "

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