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Civil Aviation

NASA's Environmentally Responsive Aviation Project (ERA) is working with the industry to develop the combustor technologies for a new generation of low-emissions engines targeted for the 2020 timeframe. These new combustors will reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions to half of current State-of-the-Art (SOA) combustors, while simultaneously reduce particulate emissions. The objective of morphing concepts is to develop high performance aircraft with lifting surfaces designed to change shape and performance substantially during flight to create a multiple-regime, aerodynamically efficient, and shape-changing aircraft. Compared to conventional aircraft, morphing aircraft become more competitive as the demand for improved cost efficient aircraft increases. The concept of implementing shape morphing in aircraft isnt new. In fact, the use of retractable flaps or slats for increased lift during takeoff and landing, retractable landing gear for reduced drag during flight, variable sweep wings in fighters to reduce shock waves in transition from subsonic to supersonic speeds and variable incidence noses, as used in the Concorde for better pilot visibility during take-off and landing, are just a few examples of morphing solutions that aircraft have been using in the past.

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