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Editorials - (2021)Volume 9, Issue 2


Anupriya K*
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Pollution has become the common thing now days. The primary reason for soil pollution is Human activities. It is mainly, caused by industrial production, agrochemicals or waste management. Additions of waste disposal, plastics, waste clothes, glasses are also the causes for soil pollution. Agricultural land output decreased by the contamination of soil. It may reduce the fertility and quality of the soil by using different pesticides. By the time, the productivity of crop decreases by the toxic chemicals, it may also affect the growth of the plants. People who are living, working or playing nearby contaminated lands can lead to health problems like skin and respiratory diseases.

Causes of soil contamination: The key causes of current soil depletion include phenomena such as erosion, loss of organic material, increased salt content, compaction, acidification and chemical contamination. In addition, the FAO differentiates between two kinds of soil pollution: Specific pollution: accounted for by specific factors, the reasons for which can be easily established arise in small areas. Land contamination such as this is typically found in towns, old factory sites, along roadways, illegal dumps, and sewage treatment stations. Broad pollution: affects wide areas and has many causes for which it is difficult to determine the reasons. Cases such as these involve the spreading of pollutants by air-ground-water systems and it affects human health and the environment. 

Ecosystem Effects: Soil contaminants can have significant deleterious consequences for ecosystems. This can arise from the presence of many hazardous chemicals even at low concentration of the contaminant species. Digital eradication of any of the primary food chain will result, which in turn may have serious implications for predators or consumer species.

Soil pollution can be controlled by: Soil degradation is a complex problem which requires the joint action of governments, institutions, communities and individuals. Some of the things we can do to improve his health are the following: Eat organic foodstuffs, recycle batteries properly, and dispose of medicinal products in places approved to do so. Encourage a more eco-friendly model for, among other economic activities, industry, agriculture and stock breeding. Improving mine waste management, Proper Solid Waste Treatment. Proper management of agricultural land and the practice of organic farming. Strictly control the pollution of new soil. We can reduce soil pollution by decreasing the plastics. By controlling the fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural lands.

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Anupriya K*

Citation: Sreevani M (2021) Pollution and its Effects: A Short Note. J Pollut Eff Cont 9:273. doi: 10.35248/2375-4397.20.9.273.

Received: 01-Feb-2021 Accepted: 20-Feb-2021 Published: 28-Feb-2021

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