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2021 Conference Announcement - (2021)Volume 7, Issue 2

Quantum Tech 2020 scheduled on November 18-19, 2020 at Beijing, China

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Quantum technology is emerging and growing rapidly like never before. It puts a light to the field of the smallest discoveries. It describes atoms and molecules even at the smallest so that we can understand the bigger universe at largest. Quantum technology shows us the probability to locate an atom in a different location at the same time. It describes us the spin, relativity, wave properties, black body radiation etc. We can transform our technical aspect to another level by creating an environment in Quantum Technology research and development and can make our world much faster than ever, secure than ever and powerful than ever.

5th International Conference on Quantum Physics and Nuclear Technology 2019 witnessed an amalgamation of peerless speakers who enlightened the crowd with their knowledge and confabulated on various new-fangled topics related to the field of diabetes and endocrinology with namely Alon Yarel, Managing Director & Founder of Alien- Science Association Of Astronomy, Israel.

With the successful completion of 5th International Conference on Quantum Physics and Nuclear Technology 2019 we are glad to be held during November 18-199, 2020 Bejing, China. The Conference will be organized around the theme "Innovating the aspiring minds along with Quantum Techonology highlighting the latest and exciting innovations in Quantum field. Quantum tech summit 2020 invites all Academic Scientists, Leading Physics and Quantum Technology Scientists, Members of different quantum fields associations, Quantum computer programmers, Quantum tech industrialists, Quantum Industrial Delegates, talented young scientists, and student communities across the globe to attend Quantum tech summit 2020 under a single roof where networking and global partnering happens for the acceleration of future research.

We saw the quantum computer credibility and ability to go through a tremendous amount of calculation power and thus we are in the midst of a "quantum Supremacy Race", in the result, we will get the industry growing as never before. The emerging part of the quantum computer is that it could totally transform the commerce industry, intelligence department and it has the potential to change completely the way we see the military affairs and strategic balance of power. For data and number point of view, It is shown in the "IDQ" reports, the quantum technology global market will hit the mark of $13B by 2023 with the highest rate of CAGR OF 26 to 30%. The investments are getting bigger and bigger day by day and just reached 1.5 billion$ in 2019. So it is estimated that the amount should and will get bigger by the year 2020 and 2021 and reach $5B.factors.


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1University of Leeds, UK

Published: 29-Mar-2021

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