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Short Communication - (2021) Volume 11, Issue 1

Principles of Yoga

Kritunga Nayar*
*Correspondence: Kritunga Nayar, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Yoga and Therapy, India, Tel: 917892385783, Email:

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Live in the reality: Basically, be honest with yourself conjointly there ought to be no very little lies of convenience. A lie is permissible solely in well-jusified situaions, as an example, if you'll be able to save the lifetime of another creature with a lie. A Yogi is silent whenever unsure. Righteousness (Asteya): Neither stealing nor cheaing. A Yogi is often honest. He doesn't look for unwarranted blessings, however he's trying to find a good trade.

Wisdom (Brahmacharya): sleep in the non-secular light-weight. don't serve the money however your inner happiness. Be targeted in your inner happiness and peace.

Simplicity (Aparigraha): Be moderate in external enjoyment and consumpion. A non-secular person lives with modesty externally and inside made. A Yogi uses his energy, not in outer acions however lives therefore peaceful that it turns inward and cleanses his body from the within. One day, he lives for good within the non-secular light-weight.

Worship of the non-secular goal (Ishvara-pranidhana): in order that we tend to don't lose our non-secular path, it's necessary that we tend to prompt ourselves once more and once more regarding our non-secular goal. we will worship any image (Goddess, Shiva, Patanjali), we will bow before a sculpture (Buddha, Jesus, Shiva) or speak a mantra (prayer).

Sacrifice the ego (Shaucha) Purificaion/cleaning: The means into the sunshine passes through the crucifixion of the ego. while not a crucifixion, there's no enlightenment. True sacrifice is associate art.

Self-discipline (Tapas): a transparent goal, a transparent life arranges and a transparent means of pracicing.

Reading (Svadhyaya): Daily reading (mantra, meditaion) keeps U.S.A. on the non-secular path, cleanses our spirit, connects U.S.A. with the enlightened masters and makes U.S.A. non secular victors. Happiness (Santosha) Saisfied with what one has. Knowledge of Ancient Yoga Text

In order to possess a deeper data of Yoga, one ought to have a decent understanding of ancient Yoga texts. A number of the necessary Yoga texts square measure given below

Bhagvad Gita

Patanjali Yoga Sutra

The Ramayana

Narad Bhaki Sutra

Bhagvad Gita: The Geeta is that the linchpin of a good epic, which epic is that the Mahabharatum or nice Story of the Bharatas. With nearly 100 thousand verses divided into eighteen chapters, it's one in all the longest epic poems within the world. Seven times longer than the epic poem and therefore the odyssey combined.

Patanjali Yoga Sanskrit literature: For most folks, the word “yoga” brings to mind the image of a yoga model that seems on the quilt of a yoga magazine during a create. Yoga is often praciced as a rouine that helps in rising physical fitness and someimes as a way to worry management. there's growing awareness that yoga will be will be as medical aid in treaing a range of ailments, together with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions etc.

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Kritunga Nayar*
Department of Physical Therapy, University of Yoga and Therapy, India

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