Physiological Study And Impact of Surya Namaskar on The Health of Humans
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Physiological Study And Impact of Surya Namaskar on The Health of Humans

Akhila Sabineni*

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Surya Namaskar, that is understood as "Sun Salutation" in English, is essentially regarding building a measure within you wherever your physical cycles square measure during a state of harmony with the sun's cycles, that keep running at around twelve-and-a-quarter years. it's not accidentally however rather by set up that it's been organized with twelve stances or twelve asanas in it. within the event that your framework is during a specific level of dynamic quality and standing, and during a tight condition of receptiveness, then ordinarily your cycle are during a state of harmony with the sun minded cycle.


Surya Namaskar (SN), a preferred Hindooism observe referred to as “Sun Salutations,” may be a ancient Indian Hindooism observe that has observe of twelve physical postures involving alternate backward-bending and forward-bending postures with inhalation to total respiratory organ capability (TLC) and exhalation to residual volume (RV), severally. The observe of the twelve postures in succession equals one spherical of its observe. The data of energy price and physiological responses of active atomic number 50 is necessary and forms the basis for recommendation of normal observe of atomic number 50 as a part of any educational program. the first objective of this study was to live the time taken to perform 2 serial rounds of atomic number 50 by a gaggle of male yoga instructors. The secondary objective of the study was to live the viscus responses of active 2 consecutive rounds of atomic number 50 at a slow and a quick pace.

Physical activity is important for a healthy and stressless life. Suryanamaskara (sun-salutation) is associate ancient methodology of workout that is helpful by some ways for health of individual. It consists of series of asanas that engineered the muscular structure of body, principally of arms, thigh and chest. thanks to different contraction and relaxation of muscular structure of body the muscles square measure increase in size, form and  suppleness and nuero-muscular transmission even. Pranayama performed throughout sun-salutation ventilate the lungs properly, that is helpful for natural action. conjointly the contraction and relaxation of lungs throughout respiration exercise in sunsalutation strengthen them and keep them healthy, that is useful to cut back possibilities of respiratory organ diseases like bronchial asthma and infectious disease. The mantas chatted throughout sunsalutation square measure impact mentally and relieves the strain, depression and anxiety. different contraction and relaxation of the abdominal muscles square measure strengthen the abdominal organs and improves their functions. particularly organs of systema alimentarium square measure benefited. because it relieves the strain and elevates the mood, it's a positive impact on the system. Patient affected by herniation square measure contra-indicated because the abdominal pressure is enhanced throughout sunsalutation. If the females perform it throughout catamenial amount possibilities of significant trauma square measure additional. it's conjointly contra-indicated in physiological state to forestall vertebrate distress; sunsalutations with changed procedure square measure used throughout physiological state for straightforward giving birth.

Surya Namaskar shows immediate impact on up flexibility of the muscles. Thus, Hindu deity Namaskar may be counseled to boost flexibility element of good shape.

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Akhila Sabineni*
1Department of of Microbiology, Andhra University, Andhrapradesh, India, India

Citation: Sabbineni A, (2021) Physiological Study And Impact of Surya Namaskar on The Health of Humans. J Yoga Phys Ther.11:352.

Received Date: Jun 07, 2021 / Accepted Date: Jun 21, 2021 / Published Date: Jun 28, 2021

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