One Shot Six Centres: A New Strategy in Ultrasound Guided Paraver
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Research Article - (2015) Volume 6, Issue 11

One Shot Six Centres: A New Strategy in Ultrasound Guided Paravertebral Block


The paravertebral block (PVB) is the technique of injecting local anaesthetic alongside the vertebral body close to where the spinal nerves emerge from the intervertebral foramen. This produces unilateral, segmental, somatic, and sympathetic nerve blockade in multiple contiguous thoracic dermatomes which is effective for managing acute and chronic pain. Recently PVB has also been used for surgical anaesthesia in patients undergoing several surgical procedures with improved postoperative outcomes. Unfortunately the spread of local anaesthetic and the anaesthetic effect is sometime unpredictable, even with a standardized ultrasound-guided technique. The aim of this study is to show a new approach for the Paravertebral block ultrasound-guided and confirmed by ENS using a single injection. This new approach allows an easy visualization and accurate puncture of the paravertebral space, ensuring good anaesthesia of reproducibility, productivity and effectiveness. In this study we obtained six dermatomes anaesthesia, with a single shot injection in all patients.

Keywords: Paravertebral block, Ultrasound in regional anesthesia

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