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2021 Conference Announcement - (2021)Volume 7, Issue 2

Drug Formulation 2020

Nadine Zeinab*
*Correspondence: Nadine Zeinab, Senior Clinical Oncology Pharmacist Pain & Palliative, Lebanon, Email:

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Drug formulation is defined as the method of blending active drug substance with that of various chemical substitutes to form a final medicinal product, which is called a pharmaceutical formulation. A drug formulation can be prescribed to the patient in various forms like liquid, solid or semisolid. The type of the formulation provided depends upon the patient’s age, sex, and health condition and is specific for routes of administration. These are mixtures of the pharmaceutically active ingredient and selected inactive components. Solution formulations that are used for injectable dosage forms generally have fewer inactive ingredients such as buffering agents, cosolvents, water and pH-adjusting agents. The result of the method is simple, they are much simpler to formulate compared to some of the semisolid formulations used for topical administration. The inactive ingredients used in semisolid formulations may include emulsifiers, stabilizers, water, oil, surfactants, chelators, preservatives, and pH-adjusting agents. These types of formulations tend to be complex due to interactions between the various ingredients and consequently require considerable development efforts during the formulation process. Additionally, while formulating a generic version of an existing marketed product, reverse engineering of the reference drug product is often challenging for semisolids.

Dynamic substances are infrequently managed alone. For instance, levothyroxine, an engineered type of the thyroid hormone, showed in the treatment of hypothyroidism, is regulated at low measurements, running from 15 μg to 200 μg. These modest quantities of powder imply that it is preposterous to expect to fabricate tablets containing just this medication. Thus, the plan of levothyroxine tablets requires the blend of the hormone with at least one non-clinical operator known as pharmaceutical dormant fixings or excipients that serve fluctuated and explicit pharmaceutical capacities. The word excipient begins from the Latin excipere, which intends to get; thus, the excipient gets the dynamic substance. For the most part, excipients are characterized solely: an excipient contained in a dose structure is some different option from the dynamic substance. The clarification lies in the dissolvability of the excipient: lactose is openly solvent in water, while calcium sulfate (get dried out) is somewhat solvent in a similar medium. Along these lines, in the first detailing, calcium sulfate went about as a framework previous and delayed the arrival of the medication, though lactose incited a quick and monstrous arrival of phenytoin over the harmful limit. Disarray between excipients can likewise have a deadly result: in 2007, pharmaceutical makers in Panama utilized diethylene glycol, which they accepted to be glycerine, for the definition of hack syrup. Diethylene glycol, which is utilized in liquid catalyst, is nephrotoxic and hepatotoxic and can bring about numerous organ brokenness condition, particularly in kids.

This International Congress is an amalgam of intriguing contextual analyses in pharmacy and drug formulation covering an assortment of conditions experienced by large and claim to fame drug formulation. It aims to achieve and gather a well-proportioned group of pharmacists, nurses, academicians, clinical research associates, delegates, students, speakers with an opportunity to develop the advanced technologies in the field of pharma. It has a comprehensive scientific session that states the current issues and research applications in pharmaceutical analysis and drug design. The 2 days of conference will be addressed by the gathering of people reactions and inquiries to all the more likely encourage learning in drug formulation.

Dr. Nadine Zeinab will be taking privilege of felicitating as organizing committee member. 12th Annual Congress on Drug Formulation and Analytical Techniques” which is scheduled to be held during November 26-27, 2020 at Istanbul, Turkey and Focusing on the theme “Drug: A legacy of Excellence”.


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Nadine Zeinab*
1Senior Clinical Oncology Pharmacist Pain & Palliative, Lebanon

Published: 29-Mar-2021

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