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Editorial - (2021)Volume 7, Issue 1

Development of Transungual Drug Delivery System for Clotrimazole with Integration of Quality by Design Approach

Vinod L. Gaikwad1* and Manish S. Bhatia2
*Correspondence: Vinod L. Gaikwad, Department of Pharmacology, BVDU Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune, Maharashtra, India, Tel: +919890524590, Email:

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Topical targeted drug delivery through the nail is highly desirable due to its localized effects which can treat nail infections with minimal adverse systemic events. Surgical approaches are majorly preferred for treatment of nail infections though they are very painful and costly. So, the purpose of present research is to develop a painless and cost-effective nail lacquer for local treatment of nail fungal infections.


After drug characterization and compatibility studies, nail lacquer formulation was prepared. The effect of polymer, plasticizer and penetration enhancer was studied by integration of Quality by Design approach. The batches were prepared and evaluated for viscosity, non-volatile content, drying time, drug content, drug diffusion study, the zone of inhibition as well as accelerated stability studies. Improved study on the commonness of the infection just as creations of fresher antifungal specialists brought about higher worry among the patients to get fix of the sickness and furthermore among clinical experts to comprise a powerful treatment. Nonetheless, there has been an issue in regards to the treatment which might be recommended without earlier information on contamination. The adequacy of a few antifungals against the organisms isn't surely known and sedates are regularly suggested for improper time-frames. Hence, the treatment of onychomycosis is a difficult errand as the disease is installed inside the nail. It might require a year or more to get fix as new nail development should totally supplant the old and contaminated one. Imidazole subsidiaries among a few antifungals are accounted for to be compelling in the administration of onychomycosis. These are expansive range antifungal specialists and are dynamic against form, yeast, dermatophytes, and a few microorganisms of the actinomycetes and profoundly dynamic against some Gram- positive cocci and bacilli. Antifungals have been accessible in market as cream, treatment, salve, powder, and arrangements. These definitions require high convergence of dynamic specialists to be consolidated for powerful treatment in view of their low adequacy. To defeat the limits of regular plans there is a need of a powerful framework that can convey the antifungals profound into the nail bed. In any case, the advancement of a detailing for protected and successful skin conveyance in the treatment of onychomycosis is as yet under outset. In pre-formulation studies, the desirable effect of ethyl cellulose 100 cp (polymer), propylene glycol (plasticizer) and thioglycolic acid (penetration enhancer) was observed compared to other excipients. Cured nail enamel details have been produced for viable ungual medication conveyance of antifungals to extemporize the treatment of onychomycosis. In one of our in-house research reports, capability of nail finish has been examined for the treatment of psoriasis. A protected, stable, and effectual nail enamel of isotretinoin was formed for viable effective clinical application. Medication focusing on has been done into the nail bed to treat nail psoriasis. So the turn of events and assessment of nail finish for its remedial viability are a grounded idea. In this manner, in the current audit an endeavor has been made to zero in on the treatment parts of onychomycosis and the conveyance of antifungals through nail veneer for ungual conveyance. A few clinical and patent reports have additionally been assessed. Developed medicated nail lacquer could be used to overcome the high hepatotoxicity issue associated with oral Clotrimazole formulation. Nail lacquer extended the drug release up to 12 hours to be used for efficient management of nail infections caused by Candida albicans. Moreover, ease of application on nail surface improves patient compliance and acceptability for developed medicated nail lacquer.

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Vinod L. Gaikwad1* and Manish S. Bhatia2
1Department of Pharmacology, BVDU Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune, Maharashtra, India
2Department of Pharmacology, Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

Citation: Gaikwad LV (2021) Development of Transungual Drug Delivery System for Clotrimazole with Integration of Quality by Design Approach. Mass Spectrom Purif Tech. 7: e103.

Received: 05-Jan-2021 Accepted: 19-Jan-2021 Published: 26-Jan-2021 , DOI: 10.35248/2469-9861.21.7.e103

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