Coloring After Hair Transplant: Is It Safe
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Coloring After Hair Transplant: Is It Safe

Tasleem Arif*
*Correspondence: Tasleem Arif, Department of Dermatology, Aligarh Muslim University, Uttar Pradesh, India, Email:

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When it involves coloring your hair once a thriving hair transplant surgery, the question isn’t regarding “If you'll color it?” it's additional regarding “When are you able to color it?” Right once every week of the surgery? undoubtedly not. A number of months down the line? presumably. Undergoing the simplest hair transplant in Asian nation means you wish to grant your transplanted hair the time it has to grow into a full-fledged tuft of hair on your scalp. Any quite harsh chemicals from the hair color before that point will impose risks of harm, typically even permanent. Besides the particular surgical treatment, a patient conjointly has to be aware of the medical care directions that the doctor advises. So, whether or not or not you'll color your hair once a transplant could be a question we are going to be responsive during this guide.

Will transplanted hair flip grey?

The color of your transplanted hair goes to mimic the looks of the remainder of your hair on the scalp, particularly those from the donor space. So, if you're a healthy male WHO is twenty five years recent with no look of gray hair on your scalp, you aren’t planning to witness that within the transplanted web site too. However, if your donor space hair were already gray, the possibilities square measure that the new regrown hair within the transplanted web site will be gray [1]. It all comes right down to the standard, characteristics, and color of the hair in your donor space. The transplant or the surgery itself has no contribution to your hair colorise the recipient space.

Is it safe coloring after hair transplant?

Whether color once a hair transplant is safe or not could be a question that your hair transplant doctor can declare you very well. The thought of obtaining hair color is commonly witnessed in patients WHO witness regrowth of gray hair within the transplanted web site. Not solely will it dampen the established vanity within the patients, however it can even build them question the whole procedure and whether or not the efforts were even definitely worth the trouble [2]. So, to answer whether or not you'll color your hair once a transplant, the solution is affirmative. But, with caution and once discussing everything at length along with your consulting doctor. Getting long hair color suggests that exposing your scalp to harsh chemicals like bleach and peroxides, all of which may alter the vitality of the transplanted hair follicles if you color them too quickly once the surgery. Premature coloring can even impact the recovery method and lead to infections and allergies. So, most hair transplant surgeons usually advise the patients to attend for 4-6 weeks once the surgery to think about hair coloring.

How long time i wait? colouring hair

As we said, a patient ought to ideally anticipate a minimum of 4-6 weeks once their hair transplant surgery to think about hair coloring. If you would like to paint your hair before that, you'll hamper the recovery method quite drastically. By six weeks, not solely the scalp gets recovered and recovered, however even the grafts become for good embedded into the scalp, therefore you won’t have to be compelled to worry regarding damaging their vitality within the method [3]. However, recovery is subjective and can rely upon the medical care that the patient is following. Some patients report complete recovery once 2-3 weeks, whereas some will even take 6-8 weeks. So, your best bet is to be extremely patient throughout the method and not jump the guns as you begin seeing signs of recovery. Also, once considering hair coloring once a transplant, confirm you believe professionals to assist you out therewith. they'll make sure that the method is finished safely while not imposing additional or irreparable harm to the hair follicles and healing scalp [4].

Bleaching and dying bleach

Itself contains harsh chemicals, therefore do the hair dyes. Even an easy mistake can harm the transplanted hair follicles, creating the whole procedure an entire waste of your time and cash. The bleaching agents and therefore the peroxides contain harsh chemicals that the scalp is sensitive to, particularly once surgery. over the particular hair, the transplanted hair is in danger of harm within the initial days if you don’t treat it suitably. So, follow your surgeon’s directions and with patience wait until the follicles and scalp have healing optimally.

What do specialists say?

Leading hair transplant surgeons and specialists at Medlinks counsel that you just leave your transplanted hair and scalp because it is for the primary few weeks once the surgery. Generally, the quality timeframe of complete healing is between 4-6 weeks, therefore keep harsh chemicals like bleach and peroxides faraway from the scalp throughout that amount. Not simply hair coloring, even different hair styling habits ought to refrain for constant time-frame. If you don’t let your scalp and therefore the transplanted hair follicles heal, the possibilities of a thriving hair regrowth diminish considerably. Although the transplanted hair follicles square measure so loads stronger and viable compared to natural hair, at constant time, they're loads additional sensitive [5]. So, exposing the new improved hair follicles to the cruel chemicals can solely have an effect on the results you expect a number of months down the road. Experts counsel waiting till the hair follicles have connected themselves to the recipient web site and shaped their blood provide before you concentrate on any harsh procedures like heat-induced styling or colouring your hair.

Precautions after a hair transplant

The hair transplant surgery value in Asian nation is kind of a considerable quantity. And, the final thing you would like is to finish up damaging the transplanted follicles by colouring it before it's recovered fully. Following square measure a number of the do's and don’ts your doctor can advise you with once the surgery.

Do’s of hair transplant

• Ensure that you just have somebody to require you back from the clinic to home once the surgery because of the lingering result of the sedative.

• Take all the prescribed antibiotics and different medications prescribed by the doctor to stop risks of infections.

• Always keep your scalp dry, particularly for the primary few days, and if you have got undergone a FUT hair transplant that leaves an oversized incision.

• Wash and comb your hair gently, victimisation gentle and medicated shampoos and a blunt edge comb to stop damaging the hair follicles.

• Keep your head and neck elevated whereas sleeping at midnight. Follow this for a minimum of one week once the surgery.

Don’ts of hair transplant

• Avoid drinking alcohol or maybe smoking once the surgery as a result of it will alter the healing progress.

• Avoid strenuous physical activities like heavy-lifting, swimming, exercise. Your main aim is to avoid sweating and build the scalp wet underneath the bandages.

• Avoid exposing the scalp directly underneath the daylight for a number of weeks once the surgery.

• Avoid scratching or itchiness your scalp as a result of it will harm the follicles.

• Avoid sporting constricting hats or scalp gear for the primary few days once the surgery.

• Avoid hair coloring a number of days once hair transplant.


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Tasleem Arif*
Department of Dermatology, Aligarh Muslim University, Uttar Pradesh, India

Citation: Arif T (2021) Coloring Hair Transplant: Is It Safe? Hair Ther Transplant 11:166.

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