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Awards 2021 - (2020)Volume 8, Issue 4

Awards : Plant International Conference on Agriculture

Inal B*
*Correspondence: Associate Professor in Plant Biotechnolo. Inal B, Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, University of Siirit, Turkey, Email:

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The special moment added in the conference is award distribution. The award is to encourage the speakers, participants, Keynote Speaker, Young scientist people etc., there are several categories are introducing to provide the awards. The awards will be delivered by the chairperson at the end of the Conference.

Without modern agricultural techniques, current population levels couldn't be sustained and projected near-term increase would create stresses that might destabilize the present global social and political order. Generally ongoing developments in seeds, synthetic compounds and manures have empowered agrarian makers to fulfill the ever-developing requests of an eager total population. Even with the rapid increases in agricultural productivity, however, challenges for the agriculture industry to provide the growing global economy with sufficient supplies of agricultural staples are greater now than ever before. a replacement revolution almost like the one that happened during the latter a part of the 20th century is happening everywhere the planet to satisfy the expected demand by the developing total population and its expanded way of life.

Scope and Importance

Economic growth and industrialization of a nation are inextricably linked to the continual availability, access, diversity and modernization of its agriculture sector. Agriculture, in fact, plays an important function in whole goals and endeavors to achieve fiscal development. Tons of this day’s developed economies initially struggled to form their agricultural sector stronger. The states at a priority basis supply monetary help to their farmers, researchers and scientists with an idea to spice up their agricultural inventions still further.

Agricultural science is among one among the simplest career options of a study and since of the shortage of data and proper guidance, peoples usually under-estimate this field. Each and therefore the every requirements and wish of creature including food, clothing and shelter are straightforwardly rewarded by agriculture. Endless research work is involving during this field to supply the utmost necessities to the everincreasing population of the world. Essentially, the whole agricultural land expansion could be taken place in developing countries of the planet. Consequently, the importance of agriculture to society impinges on our quality of life, food, nutrition, clothing and locality where peoples live.

Major Agricultural Industries in Worldwide

The number of agricultural industries and services is growing at a faster rate altogether round the world covering Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America which are major regions of the planet.

Author Info

Inal B*
Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, University of Siirit, Turkey

Received: 07-Sep-2020 Accepted: 14-Sep-2020 Published: 21-Sep-2020

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