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Awards 2021 - (2020)Volume 8, Issue 1

Awards 2020 at Osteoporosis, Bone Health and Orthopedics Surgery

Michael Vitek*
*Correspondence: Michael Vitek, Medical director, Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, Email:

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From the successful completion of several International conference in the field of Orthopedic surgery Bone Health and Osteoporosis, the Allied group is glad to include another international conference in the series. The conference is tilted as “Annual summit on Osteoporosis, Bone Health and Orthopedics Surgery” the conference will be held on April 27-28, 2020 at Dubai, UAE.

The special moment added in the conference is award distribution. The award is to encourage the speakers, participants, Keynote speaker, Young scientist people etc., There are several categories are introducing to provide the awards. The awards will be delivered by the chairperson at the end of the conference.

The most important category awards are:
1. Best Keynote Speaker.
2. Best Speaker
3. Poster presentation Award
4. Young Scientist Award
5. Best Question Award

Best Keynote Speaker:

The best keynote speaker award will be given to the people who are presenting their presentation at the Osteoporosis conference in a keynote speaker category. This award will be decided by the chairperson in the conference. This award is the most prominent and prestigious award given in the conference.

Best Speaker:

The best speaker award will be given based on the research idea and how the person presenting their idea in the forum. The research idea should enhance, and it should be implemented in the real time treatment technique in the Orthopedics Surgery. The best speaker will be decided by the keynote speaker who is participating in the conference. The people could participate under the categories which they have been registered.

Poster Presentation Award:

The people under poster presentation category will be awarded with the best poster presenter. This will be selected based on the fascinating idea and it should create awareness among the people about the Osteoporosis. This award will be decided by the organizing committee in the conference. The most fabulous moments are waiting in the conference to be happen.

Young Scientist Award:

The conference of Osteoporosis will also recognise and provide honour to the young research people who are fascinated to bring the changes in the treatment techniques. This award will be provided to the students. This award will be provide based on the concept of research and how it will be useful for the patients in Orthopedics Surgery

Best Questioner award:

This will be the different and most interested award given to the delegate who are asking queries to the speakers, research people presenting the research work. From delegates who is asking the most valuable and knowledgeable question to the presenter they will be provided with the best questioner award.

The conference will be having the workshop, scientific session, poster presentation, video presentation, etc., The people who are attending the conference are Industry people, research people, professors, head of the departments, Osteoporosis surgeons, etc., kindly spent a day at the useful place to gain a more knowledge.


Annual summit on Osteoporosis, Bone Health and Orthopedics Surgery
Osteoporosis 2020
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Michael Vitek*
Medical director, Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

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