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Editorial - (2021)Volume 11, Issue 2

Adopting Laughter Therapy to Get Dosage of Happy Hormones to Remove Stress Caused by Being in Slight Pain, Being Depressed, Being Unhappy Anxious or Sad Saying Positive Affirmations Aloud Changes Body Cell Energy


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There is a lack of awareness about what happy hormones are, how to use positive words to feel energetic and what can be done to get happy hormones. People tend to feel unhappy for multiple reasons and neuropathic pain adds on Stress levels of not only the patient but the caregivers as well. Being in pain leads to feeling depressed and anxious in some cases.


Review of Books and Research shows that getting a dosage of happy hormones will not only ease slight pain of the patient but feeling happy will also have a positive impact on the recovery of the patient. Adopting Laughter therapy and getting hormones which makes one feel good will help many to recover from Neuropathic pain / Long term sadness caused by having grief, Anger or Resentment, Depression & Anxiety.

One needs to work on his/her energies using Laughter Therapy which is a positive approach for not having Depression & Anxiety caused by Neuropathic pain. The therapy can be used as a Holistic way to recovery.

The Laughter therapy which includes ways to get the dosage of happy hormones promotes overcoming Depression & Anxiety caused by Neuropathic pain, is a fun way to manage pain. Repeated sessions to be conducted to remind patients that life while having pain or during the recovery should go beyond just seeking medical and counselling help and also include rebuilding Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Relational and Mental health. The model has been put together from for testing in many settings including hospitals, elderly homes and senior citizen centres. This is not a research book or paper. It is just an effort to demystify the help available for Depression & Anxiety caused by pain. It is an attempt to motivate and encourage people to seek help and take a simple approach to remember and work on all aspects of their recovery.MS. SUCHI is an experienced International Pre School Principal/ Manager who picked up Laughter exercises from many coaches around the world. She then designed ‘Laughter Therapy' which is being used in many places such as hospitals and Senior Activity Centres. She provides individual and group therapy in educational and home settings. A former Manager / Trainer is now engages in building social awareness about Holistic approach for recovery. Be it Depression, Anxiety caused by physical or emotional pain, Death in the family and the harm the unhappiness brings to people, families and communities. Her aim is to encourage people to seek help early and get on the path to recovery. Her works has been featured in local press, TV and Radio and has been an invited speaker at various community clubs and educational Institutions. She has also been awarded by MINDS and various community clubs in recognition of her social work.

Short oral presentation to share what Laughter Therapy is & workshop demonstration to allow speakers, students of Young Research Forum & Delegates to have hands-on experiences on learning Laughter Therapy. Notes/Comments: A clip on microphone, sound system and ample space is needed for conducting the workshop on Laughter Therapy. At the 8th International Conference on Addiction and Alcoholism at Holiday Inn ,12th World Congress on Advances and Innovations in Dementia and Neuro Oncology and Psychiatry at Mercure ,Singapore and at many other conferences ,I did the role of Moderator very successfully. I would love to do the same for this conference.

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1Specialist Diploma In Early Childhood Education, University of Tehran, Iran

Citation: Suchi (2021) Adopting Laughter Therapy to Get Dosage of Happy Hormones to Remove Stress Caused by Being in Slight Pain, Being Depressed, Being Unhappy Anxious or Sad Saying Positive Affirmations Aloud Changes Body Cell Energy. J Y oga Phys Ther. 11:e327.

Received: 05-Feb-2021 Accepted: 19-Feb-2021 Published: 26-Feb-2021 , DOI: 10.35248/2157-7595.21.11.e329

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