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2021 Conference Announcement - (2021)Volume 9, Issue 1

15th Crop Science and Agriculture Summit

Rick Bieber Board of Director for No-till on the Plains*
*Correspondence: Rick Bieber, Board of Director for No-till on the Plains, USA, Email:

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Crop Science is the field dealing with the Selection, Breeding, Crop productivity, Seed production, Organic crops, Crop technology transpiration, Field crops research, and Crop and Irrigation technology. Crop Science deals with food, feed, turf, and fiber crops and their management. It is a expansive field comprises genetics, breeding, production, and management of crops and animal feed. Crop Science also takes part in conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources of plants, invertebrates and other insects, and microorganisms. Agriculture is the science of production and utilization of plants for multidisciplinary use along with soil, crop and Water management. Agriculture related to work in the areas of plant genetics, plant physiology, Agro meteorology, and soil science. Agriculture is the application of combined sciences like biology, chemistry, economics, ecology, earth science, and genetics. Agriculture is now an important research field for scientists to study the behavior of plant in different environmental conditions including climate, soil type and irrigation, fertilization etc.

Crop protection is the science and routine of regulating plant disease, weeds and diverse vermin (both vertebrate and invertebrate) that mischief agrarian yields and officer benefit. Agrarian yields join field crops (maize, wheat, rice, etc. . .), vegetable harvests (potatoes, cabbages, etc.) and normal items. The yields in a field are displayed to various components. The yield plants may be hurt by dreadful little animals, fowls, rodents, minuscule creatures, et cetera. Yield security is the examination and routine of directing annoyances, plant sicknesses, weeds and other perilous living creatures that mischief agrarian items and officer benefit and in this way, impact fiscal quality and Agri-showcase. Plant protection is the practice of managing weather, weeds, pests and diseases that harm or inhibit the growth of fruit, vegetable and other horticultural crops. Plant Protection continues to play a major role in achieving targets of crops production. Plant cell wall is used specifically in the form of paper, textiles, fibres (cotton, flax, hemp, and others), charcoal, lumber, and other wood products. And also other major use of plant cell walls is in the form of extracted polysaccharides that have been modified to make plastics, films, coatings, adhesives, gels, and thickeners in a huge variety of products. Sustainable agriculture is usually related to natural or organic farming, and it is also related to those farming systems. However it's additionally grounded during a nice field of analysis and knowledge domain, as well as data of the interactions between crops and soils; the nutrient and water desires of crops; and handling of crop pests. One approach to this is the practice of precision agriculture. Sustainable agriculture encompasses variety of different technologies still as well as integrated pest management, agroforestry systems, cover crops and green manures, and crop residue management in no-tillage or reduced-tillage systems.

Dr. Rick Bieber one of our Organizing Committee for “15th Annual Conference on Crop Science and Agriculture”. To perceive more advancements and innovations be a part of our next in series conference “13th Crop Science and Agriculture Summit” scheduled on October 19-20, 2020 Beijing, China.

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Rick Bieber Board of Director for No-till on the Plains*
115th Crop Science and Agriculture Summit, USA

Published: 27-Jan-2021

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