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Yurong Lai

Yurong Lai

Yurong Lai
Sr. Principal Scientist, World Wide Research & Development
Groton Laboratory, Pfizer, Inc , USA


Yurong Lai, Ph.D. Sr. Principal Scientist, Pfizer Global Research & Development, Groton Laboratories, Pfizer Inc. Dr. Lai received his M.D from Fujian Medical University in China and his Ph.D. (Toxicology) from Sapporo Medical University in Japan in 1998. From 1998 to 2001, he was a research fellow of Japanese Society for Promotion (JSPS) in Department of Physiopathology, Graduate School of Medicine of Hokkaido University, followed by a position as Research Associate in Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Washington. In 2004, he moved to PDM, PGRD St. Louis and then Groton in 2010, Pfizer Inc. and has been serving as a PDM representative (PI) for preclinical project, postdoc supervisor and discipline leader for drug transporter. Research interests of Dr. Lai and his group include: 1) Discovery and development of drug candidates for the treatment of inflammation and pain. 2) Drug transporter related ADME/Tox, in particular hepatobiliary transporters. Current research projects involve absolute differences of hepatobiliary transporters across species, structure-activity relationship and the evaluation of in vitro/in vivo models to scale up human PK prediction. Dr. Lai is a patent inventor and the author of over 70 research papers/book chapters.

Research Interest

My research interests include:
1) hepatobiliary transport.
2) member protein proteomics.
3) Structure-Activities Relationship of transporters.
4) mechanism of drug absorption and disposition.
5) drug-drug interactions and regulation of ADMET protein expressions