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Weihong Huang

Weihong Huang

Weihong Huang
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Prof. Weihong Huang has received his PhD in University of Southern California during the period of 1985-1989. He has taught at Howard University (1990-1992), National University of Singapore (1992-1998), Nanyang Technological University (since 1999). Prof. Huang is one of the pioneers in applying nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory to the modelling financial market, especially the financial bubbles and crises. He serves at the editorial boards of several economic and financial journals. He has authored more than 50 research articles and book chapters. A paper based on his Ph.D dissertation and collaborated with his supervisor is reprinted in INTERNATIOAL LIBRARY of CRITICAL WRITTINGS IN ECONOMICS with honor. Prof. Huang is also an expert in technical analysis. He was honorly invited as the main speaker in all the three Advanced Executive Program in Gold Investment and Tradinganized by the World Gold Council during 2004-2008.

Research Interest

Financial economics
Modeling and forecasting of financial Market
Computational economics