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Tan Jo-Pei

Tan Jo-Pei

Tan Jo-Pei
Center for Criminology and Sociology


Dr Jo-Pei Tan is a Research Fellow in the Centre of Criminology and Sociology at Royal Holloway, University of London. She was awarded her DPhil in Evidence?Based Social Interventions by the University of Oxford. She also holds an MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology from the University of Cambridge. Dr Tan was awarded the 2008 Young Researcher Award for the Category of Social Sciences and Humanities by the University of Putra, Malaysia when she worked with them. Her research and publications focus on how different aspects of culture impact parenting and socialization processes, and children behaviour. In particularly, among children, young people, parents and families from different cultural backgrounds (i.e. socio-cultural context, mixed versus monocultural, majority versus minority) and vulnerable groups (i.e. children in care, care leavers). She is also interested in the policy implications of research findings in the context of evidence-based interventions and how evidenced-based programme influence general population and at-risk groups. She is a mixed-methods researcher and specialises in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. She is also an expert in multivariate analysis with extensive experience in examining the various models of parenting pratices across different groups and how it relate to children and young people behaviour

Research Interest

(1) Children’s behavioral development in the context of parenting
(2) Criminality and care leavers
(3) The meanings of parenting behaviors and children and young people adjustment across and within different cultural contexts