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Susan P Fino

Susan P Fino

Susan P Fino
Professor, Department of Political Science
Wayne State University, Michigan, USA


Professor Fino a specialist in the judicial process and public law, teaches Administrative Law and Regulatory Politics, Constitutional Law, and Constitutional Rights and Liberties. In 1986 she received the WSU Presidents Award for Excellence in Teaching and in 1991 the Academy of Scholars presented her with a Junior Lecture Award. Recently published work includes The Role of State Supreme Courts in the New Judicial Federalism, and a chapter entitled "The Michigan Constitution" in Browne, William P. and Verburg, Kenneth, editors, Michigan Government and Its Politics. Dr. Fino has recently completed The Michigan Constitution: A Reference Guide (Greenwood Press). Ongoing research includes a study of Dr. Fino was the recipient of a Career Development Award in 1993-94

Research Interest

1.equal protection of the law as interpreted by the state supreme courts
2.empirical investigation of substantive due process and the right to privacy in the states.