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Journal of Stock & Forex Trading
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Shunming Zhang

Shunming Zhang

Shunming Zhang
Professor, School of Finance
Renmin University of China, China


Shunming Zhang is a Professor of Economics and Finance, School of Finance, Renmin University of China. He won his Ph.D. of mathematical economics from Institute of Systems Science, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has been publishing many papers in international journals, such as Journal of Mathematical Economics (1996), Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research (1998), Mathematical Finance (2002), Journal of Global Optimization (2004), International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making (2004, 2006, 2011), Economics Letters (2005), Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (2006), Journal of Development Economics (2007), Economic Theory (2009), European Journal of Operational Research (2010), Applied Mathematics – A Journal of Chinese Universities (2010), Expert Systems with Applications (2011), Applied Economics Letters (2011, 2011), The World Economy (2011), Economic Modelling (2011, 2011), Journal of Banking and Finance (2011), China Agricultural Economic Review (2011), Annals of Economics and Finance (2011).

Research Interest

Mathematical Economics
Financial Economics
Financial Engineering
Economic Theory and Economic Policy