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Journal of Ergonomics
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Semra Peksoz

Semra Peksoz

Semra Peksoz
Associate Professor, Department of Design Housing and Merchandising, College of Human Sciences
Oklahoma State University, USA

Biography Peksoz currently working as a Associate Professor in the Department of Design Housing and Merchandising at College of Human Sciences, Oklahoma State University, USA Her teaching experiences are based on Basic Apparel Assembly, Sewn Products Quality Analysis, Flat Pattern Design, Computer Aided Flat Pattern Design, Textiles, Research Planning and Proposal Writing, Functional Apparel Theory and Deign Theory. Her research experiences: Extensive experience in functional design research, development and evaluation of protective clothing. Participated in several externally funded functional apparel research projects including design and evaluation of firefighter turnout gear, sports glove and body armor for the US military. Worked on ultra-lightweight modular cooling system as principal investigator. As assistant director for design for IPART, worked with architects and landlord to develop infrastructure at research park Venture II, with facilities expansion and new laboratory equipment selection. She has been awarded for her versatile personality.

Research Interest

1. Functional design, implementation, testing and tech transfer.
2. Protective clothing for civilian and military applications.
3. Smart clothing design and evaluation