Gynecology & Obstetrics

Gynecology & Obstetrics
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Se Te Joseph Huang

Se Te Joseph Huang
Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Yale University, USA


Dr. S Joseph Huang obtained his MD degree from National YangMing University Taipei Taiwan and was trained as a surgeon then an obstetrician before he started his PhD study in physiology in the department of Cell and Molecular Physiology at the University of North CarolinaChapel Hill. Dr. Huang then completed postdoctoral research in fetal development and hypoxia with Dr. Linda Giudice at Stanford University. He joined Yale in 2004 as an Associate Research Scientist and was promoted to an Assistant Professor in 2009. Dr. Huangs broad interests include studying the role of decidual innate immunity under the influence of decidual stromal cells during the pathogenesis of preeclampsia using in situ in vitro and in vivo models.

Research Interest

During the pathogenesis of preeclampsia using primary leukocyte-free first trimester decidual cell and mouse as models. He demonstrated a marked excess of macrophages and dendritic cells as well as their recruiting chemokines and activating colony-stimulating factors (CSFs) in preeclamptic decidua. He also found that the pro-inflammatory cytokines, TNF-α and IL-1β, profoundly enhanced expression of an array of monocyte/macrophage- and dendritic cell-recruiting chemokines as well as CSFs. Currently, he is using a mouse model to scrutinize the role of macrophage, dendritic cells and their recruiting chemokines in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia. Dr. Huang is also interested in the pathophysiology of endometriosis. In collaboration with Dr. Lockwood, he is examining the expression of tissue factor in various immune cells in endometriotic patients. Projects in his lab are open and collaborative, with an emphasis on translating new basic knowledge into the clinic.