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Journal of Developing Drugs
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Rais A Ansari

Rais A Ansari

Rais A Ansari
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nova Southeastern University, USA


Professor Rais A Ansari has received his PhD in Kanpur University, India during the period of 1980-1985. Currently, he is working as Assistant Professor in Nova Southeastern University, USA. He has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities as Adjunct Professor, Kent State University,USA. He is serving as an editorial member of several reputed journals like American Journal of Biochemistry and Drug Intoxication and Detoxification: Novel Approaches. He has authored 60 research articles and one book. He is a full member for Society of Toxicology since 1993.

Research Interest

1. Regulation of human angiotensinogen gene by xenobiotics and its role in hepatotoxicity and hypertension.
2. Mechanism of Hepatosteatosis after Xenobiotics: Role of Transport Process. 3. Role of transport protein(s) variants in drug toxicity and safety.
4. Establishment of viral/eukaryotic/mammalian expression systems for expression and purification of recombinant proteins for drug discovery.