Journal of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery

Journal of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery
Open Access

ISSN: 2155-983X

Qing Yan

Qing Yan
PharmTao, Santa Clara
University of Phoenix, USA


Dr. Yan has extensive research experience in biomedical informatics, including more than 10 years as a group leader in the biopharmaceutical industry. Dr. Yan has published many research papers and edited four biomedical books, including "Systems Biology in Drug Discovery and Development: Methods and Protocols" and "Pharmacogenomics in Drug Discovery and Development". Dr. Yan received a PhD degree in Biological and Medical Informatics from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF).

Research Interest

Bioinformatics, health informatics, medical informatics, systems biology, pharmacogenomics, personalized medicine, immunology, neuroscience, immunoinformatics, neuroinformatics, translational medicine, drug design, drug discovery.