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Ning Li

Ning Li

Ning Li
Professor, Division of Life Science
HKUST, Hong Kong


Dr. Ning Li obtained his bachelor’s degree from Beijing Forestry University in China in early 80s and began to pursue his graduate study in the United States from 1983, supported by a Scholarship from the China Ministry of Education-World Bank Fund. At University of Washington, he conducted researches in the field of chloroplast molecular biology under the supervision of Professor Rose Ann Cattolico. In 1989, he obtained PhD degree from the University of Washington. Following a short period of post-doctor training in Department of Biochemistry at the same University, he received a research fellowship from the United States Department of Agriculture and worked in the Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory in the Plant Science Institute (PSI) of the Agriculture Research Center (ARS) in Beltsville, Maryland, where he conducted biochemical, molecular biological, physiological and transgenic researches on crops until 1993. In the summer of the same year, he joined the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as an Assistant Professor and rose through ranks to become a Full Professor.

Research Interest

1. Post-translational modification (PTM) networks in plant cell biology
2. Quantitative PTM proteomics, interactomics and molecular systems biology
3. Plant Biotechnology