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Anatomy & Physiology: Current Research
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Nikunj Trivedi

Nikunj Trivedi

Nikunj Trivedi
Consultant Homeopath, Arti Clinic
Leicester, UK


Dr. Nikunj M Trivedi was born in India at Botad-Gujarat on 18th June 1959 and presently he lives in England, at 91-Jacklin Drive, Rushey Mead, Leicester LE4 7SU. England. He studied Homeopathy at D.H.M.S (Gold Medallist) and PG-Hom at HCH London. He was honoured as a Fellow by HMA UK and British Institute of Homeopathy. Dr. Nikunj Trivedi practices Homeopathy since August 1980 with full-fledged Homeopathic Indoor Hospital till 2004. He was affiliated with RK Homeopathic College in Anand, Gujarat India. With his vast clinical experience in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, he practices in Infertility On both Male and Female problems. When he was in India, he invented a technique to open a blocked fallopian tube with Intra-Uterine use of Homeopathic Remedies. He migrated to UK in 2004 and established very huge clinical practice in Leicester. He regularly teaches “Clinical Homeopathy” to UK students from various colleges and institutes affiliated with The College of Homeopathy-Birmingham, Faculty at Hahnemann college of Homeopathy-London. Faculty at Sophia School of Homeopathy -London. He runs regular “Sitting in” clinics for Homeopathic students in UK along with frequent Charity Clinics. He completed his graduation DHMS with Gold Medal. His publications related to Infertility are: 1. Repertory of Infertility.
2. Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders
3. Sperm Disorders and Homeopathy.
4. Mind at Menopause. (Under Publication)
5. Power of “H” (Under Publication)
Dr. Nikunj began his carrier as a medically qualified Homeopath, ranked First in University and has been practising Homeopathy since 1980 in India and from 2004 in UK. He is currently based in Leicester-UK, from where he runs his very busy clinical practice with his Wife-Dr. Amita. He has been involved in treating Infertility and Chronic cases with his wide experience of modern medical investigations, combining with Homeopathic totality to prove the effectiveness to restore the abnormal pathology to normal physiology. In his career of 35 years, he has treated wide spectrum of patients from all over the world and given numerous lectures at various institutes. In addition to this, Nikunj`s articles are regularly published in various Homeopathy journals. Nikunj specialises in treating fertility problems and chronic diseases and has authored four books on the subject. His contribution to Radar Opus 1.43 is incredible for Homeopathic world, as he wrote and developed, FIRST time in Homeopathic world the Repertory of Infertility and Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders-has been integrated to Homeopathic software. Nikunj holds lifetime membership of the Homeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI) and GHMA-India. He joined the Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA) (UK) in 2004 and has since then been actively involved and currently serving as a HMA Council Officer. His aim of promoting and raising awareness about Homeopathy are in parallel with the HMA’s aims. Nikunj has held several charity clinics and regularly participates in the Homeopathic Awareness Week. He also runs free sitting in clinics and clinical training sessions for students and homeopaths. More information about Nikunj could be found on

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