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Cell & Developmental Biology
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Matthew John Kirkham

Matthew John Kirkham

Matthew John Kirkham
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institute
Stockholm, Sweden


In the early stage of my career I participated in several studies that focused on the formation and regulation of the mitotic spindle during the first cell division of the C.elegans embryo, with a specific focus on centriole morphology and the recruitment of pericentriolar material. I then decided that to develop my career and to expand my capacity as an independent researcher to undertake my graduate studies in the controversial subject of the role of caveolae in endocytosis and non-caveolae non-clathrin endocytosis.

I now felt that I would like to apply my skills in my postgraduate studies to a project, which could provide fundamental knowledge of direct relevance to a health problem. I also wanted to expand from mechanisms within the cell to cellular responses within a specific tissue environment. I chose to investigate neurogenesis driven regeneration of dopaminergic neurons in the adult vertebrate Notophthalmus viridescens (the red spotted newt).  This may have direct relevance to the development of future treatments to Parkinson’s disease. I am now investigating how the immune system impinges on the regeneration process.

Research Interest

I am a highly motivated independent researcher with experience in cell biology, stem cell biology, and adult neurogenesis