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Cell & Developmental Biology
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Martin Ehler

Martin Ehler

Martin Ehler
German Research Center for Environmental Health, Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry


Martin Ehler came 2008 to the National Institutes of Health after receiving his PhD at the University of Marburg/Germany in mathematics and computer science. As the only mathematician in the Section on Medical Biophysics at NIH, he is committed to interdisciplinary research and has published in mathematical as well as biomedical journals. He uses harmonic analysis together with modern tools in statistics in order to study retinal development and related fields. 
Since 2011, the NIH and the German Science Foundation support his own project on Sparsity and Dimension Reduction in Biomedical Data Analysis at the Helmholtz Zentrum MŸnchen, German Research Center for Environmental Health.

Research Interest

Retinal development and related fields.