Current Synthetic and Systems Biology

Current Synthetic and Systems Biology
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Mariano Bizzarri

Mariano Bizzarri

Mariano Bizzarri
Professor, Department of Experimental Medicine
University La Sapienza, Italy


Mariano Bizzarri PhD, M.D.  is Associate Professor of Biochemistry in the Department of Experimental Medicine the University La Sapienza, in Roma (Italy). He is visiting professor at the State University of Tomsk (Russia). Graduate magna cum laude in 1980 of the University of Roma, La Sapienza, Faculty of Medicine. He was appointed as member of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) Scientific Committee in 2005 and  he was elected President of that Committee in 2011. He is a co-founder of the Italian Society for Space Biomedicine and Biochemistry (2006) and the ASI Telemedicine program (Telesal, 2006). He is head of the Interdepartmental Systems Biology Center (, 2009), member of the Space Research Interdepartmental Center of the University La Sapienza (CRAS), and of the Life Science Board of the European Space Agency (ESA). Prof. Bizzarri is the Editorial Director of  Space Magazine (, and member of the Editorial board of several scientific, peer-reviewed journals . He has authored hundreds of scientific and philosophical essays, as well as of dozen of scientific and popular books

Research Interest

•    Tumor microenvironment
•    Systems Biology approach in the integrative understanding of cell and tumour biology
•    Proteomic and metabolomic analysis of cells in microgravity
•    Cytoskeleton and fractal shape analysis in Biology and in Space Biology
•    Biophysical study of complex systems in Biology
•    Fractal and mathematical integrative analysis of biological and clinical images and dynamics data
•    Development of micro-electronic sensor devices in biochemistry and clinical settings