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Immunotherapy: Open Access
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Manchao Zhang

Manchao Zhang

Manchao Zhang
Senior Research Associate
The Ohio State University, USA


Manchao Zhang has started working on cancer immunotherapy in the 1990s, received rigorous immunological training from Dr. John E. Coligan at NIAID/NIH, dissected the molecular mechanism of action of the TNF super-family member, Light, for the first time reported that a small molecule natural compound as an orally available Bcl-2 family member inhibitor anticancer drug, identified so far the most potent Grb2 SH2 domain antagonist small molecule inhibitors, validated two dozens of anticancer drug targets. He also served as reviewers for a number of peer-reviewed journals and funding agencies.

Research Interest

Cancer immunotherapy
New signal transduction pathways
Novel anticancer drug target and Biomarker validation
Anticancer drug development
Cancer stem cells.