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Immunogenetics: Open Access
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Lamjed Mansour

Lamjed Mansour

Lamjed Mansour, PhD
Associate Professor, Immunogenetics
King saud university, Saudi Arabia


Dr Lamjed Mansour is a Tunisian PhD in Biological Sciences. He got his bachelor degree in Biological Sciences from the Faculty of Sciences, Tunis El-Manar University and his Master degree on Immunogenetics from the Pasteur Institute of Tunis. He got his PhD from University of Clermont Fernand in France and Tunis El-Manar in Infectious Diseases and genomics. He got a position of assistant Professor on Immunogenetics in Tunisian Universities between 2005-2012. Actually, He is endowed Associate professor in the Department of Zoology at King Saud University in the Laboratory of Immunopathology. He is leading a team of Imunogenetics working on the roles of functional polymorphism of immune system molecules (HLA, KIR, Kir ligands, Cytokines, checkpoint receptors….) in the outcome of cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases. He has published more than 100 publications in the field. He is also, collaborating with others research groups in the filled of molecular parasitology, bioinformatics and cancer therapy.

Research Interest


Molecular biology


DNA barcoding



Molecular biodiversity