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Journal of Cell Science & Therapy
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Lakkureddi Alagarsamy

Lakkureddi Alagarsamy
Division of Hematology/Oncology
Northwestern University, USA


Lakkureddi Alagarsamy is Assistant Professor (Research) in the Division of Hem/Oncology, Department of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA.

Research Interest

1. Determine the point of action of the sprouty proteins in signal transduction through the Ras/MAP kinase and other pathways through the use of knockout cells and repletion with wild-type and mutant forms of Sprouty proteins 2. Determine the identity of the critical partner proteins of Sprouty which interact in a phosphorylation dependent and independent manner to modulate signal transduction 3. Determine the role of Sprouty1 as a tumor suppressor protein in an animal model of breast cancer 4. Characterize the biochemical function of the Sprouty 3 protein and target the Spry3 gene in mice to determine the role of this protein in signal transduction and animal development.