Immunological Disorders and Immunotherapy

Immunological Disorders and Immunotherapy
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Kuldeepsinh Rana

Kuldeepsinh Rana


Dr. Rana is a chemical engineer by training who got interested in studying the human body as an engineer. Following a short stint in the industry, Dr. Rana proceeded to study Bioengineering at the Imperial College London wherein he worked on modeling the placental arterial system using the method of wave propagation. In 2011, he completed his doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University under the guidance of Professor Michael R. King. His thesis work was focused on developing strategies to target metastatic cancer cells using immune cell like interaction of cancer cells. To expand his knowledge base and skills he then took up a postdoctoral fellowship at the Colorado School of Mines developing microfluidic models to study the biophysics of blood clotting and bleeding. Since May 2016, Dr. Rana has been working with a medical devices company, FHC Inc., managing customer based research and internal projects. Having moved to industry, Dr. Rana still maintains close academic affiliations and is interested in studying 1) cancer-immune cell interactions, 2) crosstalk between the blood clotting system, cancer cells and immune cells and 3) immune reactions to implanted medical devices.

Research Interest

Immunoprecipitation, Nanoparticle characterization, OncoTargets and Therapy, Blood and Lymphatic Cancer, Cancer Research, Biomedical Engineering, Cellular & Molecular Medicine