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Journal of Clinical Toxicology
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John F Gamble

John F Gamble
Consultant, Somerset , USA


Dr. Gamble received his Phd in Environmental Science and Industrial Hygiene at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health in Chapel Hill, NC in 1975.  This was a period when the SPH was investigating the health status of workers in the rubber industry.  Subsequently he was Epidemiology Section Chief in NIOSH at Morgantown, WV studying health among miners and workers exposed to diesel exhaust, sulphuric acid, coal and industrial talc.  He worked at Exon Mobil Biomedical Sciences Inc studying primarily asphalt and air pollution.  Currently he is working as a consultant and conducting literature research on issues including asbestos, non-asbestiform amphiboles, diesel exhaust, silica, coal.  He served as industry observer at IARC Monographs 68 and 100C and has chapters on Occupational Epidemiology in 3 different editions of Patty’s Industrial Hygiene.  He has authored about 100 research articles and book chapters.

Research Interest

John F Gamble research interests are epidemiology, particularly occupational epidemiology and causality.