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Journal of Nanomedicine & Biotherapeutic Discovery
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Joaquin Sanchis-Martinez

Joaquin Sanchis-Martinez
Biomedical Research Center Príncipe Felipe
Valencia, Spain


Joaquin Sanchis-Martinez obtained his PhD in Organic Chemistry in 2005 from the University of Valencia (Spain), after being graduated in Chemistry at the same University. After his doctoral degree, he held a contract research position at BASF AG (Germany). Afterwards, he joined Max-Planck-Institut (Germany) as a post-doctoral researcher focusing his work on Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering by directed evolution.  Currently, he is developing polymer-drug conjugate nanomedicines with application in the treatment of cancer and Regenerative Medicine at the Polymer Therapeutics lab in the Biomedical Research Center Principe Felipe in Valencia. In addition, he is a part-time associate lecturer at the Faculty of Chemistry in the University of Valencia.

Research Interest

He is involved in the design of antiangiogenic and cytotoxic nanocompounds based on water-soluble and biocompatible polymers for systemic delivery in cancer combination therapy. He is also interested in the development of smart polymer-drug conjugates and composites for tissue regeneration.