Organic Chemistry: Current Research

Organic Chemistry: Current Research
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Jiantao Guo

Jiantao Guo

Jiantao Guo
Department of Chemistry
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA


Dr. Jiantao Guo earned both of his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemistry from Nankai University. He did doctoral work in bioorganic chemistry in the lab of Prof. John W. Frost at the Michigan State University. After his postdoctoral studies with Prof. Peter Schultz at the Scripps Research Institute, he joined the faculty of chemistry at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Research Interest

Reflecting broad interests at the interface of chemistry and biology, his research focuses on the study, modulation, engineering, and synthesis of a range of biologically important molecules including proteins, natural products, and artificial molecules. He is particularly interested in the elucidation of molecular mechanisms that are used by living organisms to achieve essential chemical transformations. 
Specific areas being explored include:
Protein posttranslational modification;
Natural product biosynthesis;
Small-molecule modulators of protein-protein interaction; and
Chemo-biocatalytic syntheses.