Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome

Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome
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Jaung-Geng Lin

Jaung-Geng Lin

Jaung-Geng Lin
Professor Of Chemistry
China Medical University, China


Dr. Lin is a professor at China Medical University, with certification to practice both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. Ever since qualifying, he has been engaged in medical teaching and clinical research in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and he has opened up Taiwan’s medical diplomacy with Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The main topics of his research include acupuncture evidence-based medicine, acupuncture analgesia and acupuncture safety. He has published over 240 articles and 31 books about Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Dr. Lin has performed acupuncture on many world leaders and has received numerous awards, such as the Golden Burnoose award from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, first prize for contribution to academics from the President of the republic of EI Salvador Yanni Christopher, and two presidential awards from the republic of China to cite for his significant contribution to the country and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Important appointments of Dr. Lin include chairperson of the Taiwan Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, National Policy Advisor at the Office of the President, Taiwan, professor at the College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, chairperson of the Acupuncture Research Center at China Medical University, chairperson of the Graduate Institute of Chinese Medical Science at China Medical University, chairperson of the organizing committee and president of the 14th International Congress of Oriental Medicine, honorary academic and professor of over 30 domestic and overseas colleges and universities. In 2008, he was invited as a keynote speaker at Chicago Annual Conference on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Currently, he is a professor at the Graduate Institute of Chinese Medical Science, China Medical University and chairperson of the Chinese Medical Association of Acupuncture, Taiwan.

Research Interest

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The Effect of Electroacupuncture Stimulation of Different Frequencies on Muscle Tissue
Studies of Mechanisms in Electroacupuncture Analgesia
The Effect of Acupuncture on Neurophysiology   
The Effect of Acupuncture on Physiological Responses to Exercise
Studies of the Safe Needling Depth in Acupuncture Treatment
The Effect of Acupuncture on Behavior
Clinical Research in Acupuncture
Studies of Books in Acupuncture and Moxibustion   
The Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Bone Fracture Healing
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