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Irina B. Grishina

Irina B. Grishina

Irina B. Grishina, PhD
Department of Urology
New York University, USA


Dr. Irina Grishina obtained her Ph.D in Biochemistry at Colorado State University based on experimental and theoretical studies in protein spectroscopy and thermodynamics. She continued on to postdoctoral training in molecular biology of the cell cycle with Prof. Roger Brent at Harvard Medical School and Prof. James Maller at University of Colorado. She then engaged in studies in developmental genetics in mouse models at New York University and established an independent group on studies on prostate development. She is a Assistant Professor at the Department of Urology at New York University since 2008. Her laboratory is interested in defining the roles of steroid hormones and developmental signaling factors in morphogenesis and cell fate choice in urogenital tissues. In particular their studies are focused on the role of signaling mechanisms in development and tumorigenesis of the prostate gland, the etiology of cloacal malformations, rectourethral fistulas and hypospadias.

Research Interest

Manipulating cell fate in normal and abnormal prostate progenitor cells. Implications to prostate development and tumorigenesis.
Development and malformations of the cloaca, urethra and the bladder.