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Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Hector Dominguez

Hector Dominguez

Hector Dominguez, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Material Research Institute
National Autonomous University of Mexico, USA


Dr. Hector Dominguez has received his PhD from University of Bristol, UK in October 1997. He is currently working as Professor at the Material Research Institute of the same University. He has been academic visitor at the Imperial college London from August 2009 to August 2010. He recently finished with administrative responsibilities as academic representative of the Materials Research Institute in the committee of postgraduate studies of Material Science UNAM and as academic representative of the department of Rheology in the Material research Institute UNAM. He has authored 37 research articles, 3 proceeding and over 40 conferences and seminars. He has honored as Member of the Mexican Academic of Science from 2008 and Member of the Research National System in Mexico from 2001.

Research Interest

Computer simulations of amphiphilic molecules. Research goals will be those of understanding aggregation and formation of molecular structures at interfaces. Computer simulations of fluids in disordered porous matrices. Characterization of porous matrices and studies of thermodynamic, dynamical and structural properties of fluids in pores. Development of computational algorithms to study complex systems.