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Chemotherapy: Open Access
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Gerhard Putz

Gerhard Putz

Gerhard Putz
Department Clinical Chemistry
University Freiburg Medical Center, Germany

Research Interest

•    CARL – and Kinetic Targeting: How to diminish side effects of anticancer drug delivery
•    Pharmacokinetics and body distribution of particle based anticancer drugs
•    Phosphatidylcholines, mere innocent bystanders? – Interference of liposomal phosphatidycholines with proliferation of cancer cells
•    Phospholipid and lipoprotein metabolism
•    Lipid analysis by LC-MS/MS
•    In silico modelling of lipoprotein metabolism
•    Thrombocyte specific contrast agents for MRI-imaging
•    Liver specific contrast agents for MRI-imaging
•    Therapeutic drug monitoring during chemotherapy