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Fredrik Bjorkling

Fredrik Bjorkling

Fredrik Bjorkling
Executive Editor
Professor, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology
University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Dr Fredrik Björkling has received his PhD in 1985 in the field of Stereoselective and enzyme catalysed synthesis. Currently, he is working as Professor in University of Copenhagen. He has a background from leading drug discovery and management positions in big, mid pharma, biotech industry and academia. He have authored 78 research articles and has 23 patents. He is a member of Danish Research Agency for Technology and Production (2005-2010), the Danish research funding body, Member of Skolkovo Foundation, Russia, expert panel. Reviewer for Qatar research foundation. Elected member of The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, ATV. Member of the Standing Committee of External Evaluators (SCEE) for the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Research Interest

His research has included drug discovery and development leading to marketed products, e.g. in cancer and dermatological diseases