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Journal of Infectious Diseases & Preventive Medicine
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Fadi Abbas

Fadi Abbas

Fadi Abbas, MD
Department of Oncology, Middle East tumor institute
Al Zahraa University Hospital, Lebanon


Dr. Fadi Abbas is currently working as Physician in Al zahraa University hospital, Lebanon. He earned Doctor of Medicine in 1998 from Kaunas Medical University, Kaunas. He worked in Oncology/hematology department (1998-2002), as Associate consultant (2002-2005), As senior fellow (2006-2007) as Assistant professor in CHEF DE CLINIQUE (2006-2007), as Associate consultant in Oncology department (2007-2008), as physician in Al Saharra hospital in 2010.

Research Interest

Bone marrow transplantation, Bone marrow biopsies, Pleural/peritoneal tap. Central venous lines, Intrathecal chemotherapy,Gambro, Spectra, cytapheresis, Harversting of stem cells on semi-automatic, erythapheresis.